Bespoke web application development and software consultancy.

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Two people looking at graphs and charts

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to unique problems by working closely with our partners.

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Cloud Based Business Process Applications

Tools for consistently improving process efficiency
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Information Technology Advice & Consulting

Inform your technology choices with expert advice
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Data Analysis with Machine Learning

Predict future outcomes using past data
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Bespoke Visualisation & Analytics Software

Gain a better understanding of data
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About Us

At MAAR TECH we believe the best way to deliver high quality results to our partners is by fully understanding their business space.

With a background in a variety of technologies and industries, MAAR TECH will always offer unique solutions to the unique problems your business faces. We rely on the strong relationships we build with our clients to give them the edge in their industry.

Who We Work With

Slate Asset Management logo

Slate Asset Management

Slate is a global asset management company based in Toronto with over $6 Billion of assets under management and offices around the world. With Slate we have created a number of bespoke applications to fulfill their business process and data visualisation needs.

We handle the development of several cloud based applications for Slate including their asset management system, staff information portal and an investor presentation and analytics tool.

Osprey Developments logo

Osprey Developments

Osprey are a housing development company with a unique twist on modern house building. They work with buyers to help them build their own homes on development sites around the UK to a custom specification that suites their needs perfectly.

We designed and developed their new website and blogging platform. Their web presence now reflects the modern ideas of housing development that the company is based on.

Architect Your Home logo

Architect Your Home

Architect Your Home provide an architectural service specifically designed for home improvement projects. With over 8000 happy customers they are the most popular and trusted way to engage an architect in the UK.

We provide website and SEO consulting services that enable them to stay at the top of their industry.

Increase efficiency and drive growth by utilising everything MAAR TECH can offer.